Wales v England – Saturday 23rd February – Principality Stadium – Cardiff

What a dilemma – who to support… we are English but living in Wales – so could be Win Win!!

Both teams are very evenly matched so I think its going to be one hell of a game, both the English and the Welsh are very passionate about the game especially when playing each other…

Wales will face England at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff on Saturday 23rd February, during the third round of the 2019 Six Nations Championship. One of the fiercest and oldest rivalries in the competition, this match is sure to produce an epic contest.

England defeated Wales 12-6 during the 2018 Championship thanks to two early tries from Jonny May.

Wales and England have contested a total of 131 rugby test matches since their first meeting in 1881. England have won 62 of those matches, whilst Wales have won 57 matches. There have also been 12 drawn matches between the two sides.

Guess the answer is to support whoever wins!!!