Castles of Mid & West Wales

Wales is often referred to as The Land of Castles – no surprise as it boasts the most castles per square mile in the whole world! Here are a few of the best Castles of Mid and West Wales for inspiration.

Magnificent Castles to Visit from the Cottages

Wales is often referred to as The Land of Castles. No surprise as it boasts the most castles per square mile in the whole world! There are some wonderful examples within a short journey from Coedmor Cottages. Here are a few of the best Castles of Mid & West Wales for inspiration.

Carreg Cennan Castle

Carreg Cennan - Castles of Mid & West Wales

About 50 minutes from the cottages, this dramatic castle stands on a great limestone crag. Nearly 300ft/90m above the River Cennen it has stunning views over the Carmarthenshire countryside.
One of the unique features of the castle is a natural limestone cave. Some recent findings down there suggest that is was one of the oldest inhabited caves in the whole of Wales.  
The castle is situated next to a traditional working farm which offers free parking. The farm is free to visit and also has Tea Rooms and a Gift Shop. 
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Dryslwyn Castle

Castles of Mid & West Wales - Dryslwyn Castle.

Dryslwyn is a native Welsh Castle, sited on a rocky hill roughly halfway between Llandeilo and Carmarthen. The castle is about 45 minutes from the cottages. It stands on high ground overlooking the Tywi Valley with extensive views. Built in about the 1220s, it changed hands several times in the struggles between the Welsh and English over the ensuing centuries. It is considered one of the most important remaining structures built by a Welsh chieftain and is a Grade I listed building.

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Dinefwr Castle

Castles of Mid & West Wales - Dinefwr Castle

A medieval fortress that sits on top of a hill overlooking the River Tywi (about 40 minutes from the cottages). It has a strategic location that allowed its occupants to control and monitor the surrounding landscape. The castle has a long history, with its origins dating back to the early 12th century. Over the years, it was the seat of the Lord Rhys, a powerful Welsh prince, and played a significant role in Welsh history during periods of conflict with the English.
The rest of the Dinefwr Estate is beautiful too so a great day out with lovely walks.

More Info: Visiting Dinefwr

Laugharne Castle

Castles of Mid & West Wales - Laugharne.

The castle, located on the estuary of the river Taf was originally established in 1116. It was rebuilt as a Norman stronghold. Two giant medieval stone towers stand guard over the remains of a magnificent Tudor mansion, all set in 19th century ornamental gardens. It changed hands twice during the English Civil War being eventually captured by Parliamentary forces in 1644.
This is the ‘brown as owls’ castle beloved of Dylan Thomas, Laugharne’s most famous resident. Why not visit Dylan Thomas’ Boat House too.

Laugharne is about an hour away from the cottages: Visiting Laugharne.

Llansteffan Castle

Castles of Mid & West Wales - Llansteffan.

The castle sits on a much older Iron Age promontory fort occupied in 600 BC. This proves Llansteffan has been inhabited for several millennia. The hill where the castle stands overlooks the River Tywi estuary and Carmarthen Bay.
Although ruined, the castle retains its power to intimidate. Especially when you approach its massive twin-towered gatehouse, built in around 1280 and still looming large.

Llansteffan is about an hour away from the cottages: Visiting Llansteffan Castle

Kidwelly Castle

Castles of Mid & West Wales - Kidwelly

A stunning medieval fortress rising above the river Gwendraeth. Kidwelly was used as a location for the 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, appearing in the very first scene after the titles.
The plan of the castle consists of a square inner bailey defended by four round towers. They overlook a semi-circular outer curtain wall on the landward side, with the massive gatehouse next to the river. 
The castle occasionally hosts Bird of Prey events.
It is about an hour from our cottages – find out more: Visiting Kidwelly Castle

Newcastle Emlyn Castle

The castle is strategically located in a loop of the River Teifi and only approachable by land from the west. It was established as a timber and earth fort in the middle of the 13th century, then developed into a stone castle by 1287. Being left in ruins by the civil war of the 1640s, the ‘new castle’ of Emlyn has had an eventful history.

Visitors can walk round the remains of the castle (a short walk from the high street) and the surrounding loop of the Teifi River. It is about 40 minutes drive from the cottages to Newcastle Emlyn.

Find out More: Visit Newcastle Emlyn Castle

Cilgerran Castle

Castles of Mid & West Wales - Cilgerran Castle.

This striking medieval 13th-century fortress is perched on a wooded hill overlooking the spectacular Teifi Gorge – about 1 hour from the cottages. It offers beautiful panoramic views over the surrounding countryside. You can also combine your visit to the castle with a trip to the Teifi Marshes Nature Reserve and Welsh Wildlife Centre.

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